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Primarily an AAA trio of

As a team, they were two time Mexican National Trios Champions. Coco Negro (at least three wrestlers, Aracnofobia, Mach 1 and Mohicano I wore that mask, not to count a number of locals) or Coco Rosa (Masakre and not the Monterrey one unmasked by Silver Star in 2004) joined them for atomicos matches. The group came to an abrupt end as in 1999 Los Vatos Locos defeated Los Payasos on a cage match in which the last one inside'd have been unmasked. Coco Rojo (maybe already a replacement for El Cobarde II) and Coco Amarillo were the only ones left inside, the latter was knocked down and lost his mask, revealing he was El Indómito. The group disbanded after a couple of matches.


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2002 version

2002 version

A second group of clowns debuted in January of 2002. This group of clowns was comprised of:

AAA would bring back the concept again for Payasos del Mal and Los Psycho Circus.