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Bestia del Ring, El Terrible, and Rush representing the group in 2018


Formed in April 2014 by Rush, La Sombra, and La Máscara in CMLL. They refused to be grouped in either tecnico or rudo groups, instead being against everyone. They feuded with both rudos and tecnicos. CMLL generally programed them on the tecnico side of matches thru Sombra's membership of the group, but they employed rudo tactics and insulted the fans. CMLL would eventually start grouping them more of then with the rudos, but would insist on listing those matches as "relevos increibles".

All three were rejected top tecnicos by some measure when they formed the group, due to a vocal percentage of CMLL's audiences resenting them for being "inflated" (pushed too hard to the top.) CMLL fans never warmed to Rush as a hero from his introduction to that role, and he'd been using "the most hated tecnico" nickname. The CMLL 80th Anniversario backfired badly, with the fans anger for not getting an Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero match ending up directed towards La Sombra. La Mascara did not have as dramatic as failure, but was pushed strongly in 2011 as the replacement for Mistico in defeating Averno for his mask, and it didn't take. The three's bitterness towards their the fans became the explanation for their new rebellious behavior.

The character change worked, and all three men were more popular as rudos than they had been as tecnicos. Los Ingobernables shirts became the hottest selling lucha libre merchandise at least thru Somrba's run with the group. The trio were generally pushed just as hard as they were as tecnicos, but with more supporters.

The success of the group caused NJPW to pick up the idea. La Sombra & Naito had been occasional tag team partners in Japan, with Sombra wearing the Ingobernables merchandise but retaining his original tecnico persona. Naito, who had his own issues with being rejected as a top hero by his promotion's fanbase, came to Mexico in 2015 specifically to join the group. He was made an official member, then took the concept, the look, and some of mannerisms back to his own promotion to start his own group.


  • El Terrible joined the group on February 23, 2018 after winning the CMLL Parejas Increíbles Tournament with Rush.
  • Naito
  • EVIL
  • Bushi
  • Sanada
  • Hiromu Takahashi
  • Pierrothito & Pequeno Violencia had been accompanying Pierroth before he joined Los Ingobernables, resurrecting the Puerto Rico army concept from the previous Pierroth. They continued seconding him when he joined Los Ingobernables, now dressing like members of the group. They seem to be treated only as mascots and flagbearers, not official members, but wear the Ingobernables logo and refer to themselves as Pequeno Ingobernables.

Former Members

  • Rush - A founding member and leader but was fired by CMLL in October 2019.
  • Pierroth/La Bestia del Ring - joined in March 2016 but fired by CMLL in October 2019.
  • La Sombra - A founding member and a part of the group until he left CMLL for WWE in November 2015.
  • Marco Corleone - Joined when Rush got injured in Nov. 2014. Was kicked out of the group in Feb. 2016.
  • Rey Escorpion - Joined in mid-2016, as a substitute for La Mascara. Left CMLL in September 2016, to join Lucha Libre Elite.
  • La Mascara was a founding member of the group, then left in mid-2016 as part of a feud with Rush and his family. He rejoined after the Anniversaro show that year, and everything went back to normal for about nine months. La Mascara was fired from CMLL in May 2017 and no longer was part of the CMLL group and teams with his brother Máximo Ken as Inglobernales. However, Rush continues to refer to as a Ingobernables representing the group outside of CMLL and La Mascara continues to wear his Ingobernables gear.

Spin-off Groups

  • Los Ingobernables del Japon - the spin-off of the group in NJPW. Tetsuya Naito formed it with EVIL and BUSHI before adding Sanada, Takashashi and Shingo Takagi. Rush and Terrible have both wrestled in NJPW representing this stable.
  • La Facción Ingobernable - an AAA group started by Rush and Bestia upon their debuts in AAA in December 2019 along with rival LA Park, Killer Kross and Konnan.
  • La Facción Ingobernable - an ROH group started by Rush with his brother Dragon Lee and Kenny King.


Original members La Máscara, Rush, and La Sombra
w/ Marco
Los Ingobernables de Japón logo
Rush w/Los Ingobernables de Japón