La Sombra Vengadora

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La Sombra Vengadora
La Sombra Vengadora
Name La Sombra Vengadora
Real name Rogelio de la Paz
Name history Rogelio de la Paz, Hombre Nuclear, Señor Tormenta, Pancho Juárez (Argentina), La Sombra Vengadora (1958 - 2011), Halcón Vengador (1973), Madame Xandu (1983)
Family Hijo de Sombra Vengadora, Sombra Vengadora Jr., Sombra Vengadora II (sons), Mini Sombra Vengadora (grandson)
Maestro(s) Raul Romero
Birth date, location January 12, 1931 or 1933 - Mexico City
Obituary date June 13, 2020
Debut, location 1950 (1958 As Sombra Vengadora)
Lost mask to November 21, 1961 - Fantasma de la Quebrada
Height 177 cm/5' 8"
Weight 80 kg/
Signature moves Tope Suicida, Topes, Tijeras
Titles: Local Titles


A mexican wrestling legend, It is probable that Sombra Vengadora is the most long-lived professional wrestler of the world, his in ring career was of at least 63 years.

Rogelio de la Paz was born in Mexico City on January 12, 1933 (according to his Facebook accounts) though some sources say he was born on 1931. In Lucha Libre #89 his birth date was January 12, 1939 it could be either a mistake or a worked birth date.

Began his lucha libre career in 1951, he was trained by Raúl Romero. Used his real name in his early days of career. In 1958, he donned the mask of La Sombra Vengadora, a character who had appeared in several lucha libre films. The actor Armando Silvestre played Sombra Vengadora's alter ego (whose name was coincidentally Rogelio) while in the action scenes Fernando Oses played the enmascarado hero, but Oses never performed Sombra Vengadora in the rings due to time constraints. Originally, Eduardo Bonada was considered to personify Sombra Vengadora in the rings, but Bonada was unavailable. The gimmick went Rogelio de la Paz who already had 8 years of in ring experience. As Sombra Vengadora began a tour in Mexico as a main eventer. Unfortunately, his mask loss seemed to affect him.

La Sombra Vengadora would continue wrestling for decades with his mask, as well as competing under his real name in the independent circuit through Mexico. In Argentina wrestled unmasked as Pancho Juarez in the promotion Lucha Libre Profesional with Wolf Rubinsky as promoter. In Guatemala he personified Halcon Vengador on 1973 and ten years later went as Madame Xandu. At some point in the 70s performed as Hombre Nuclear and Señor Tormenta. By then he was considered a legend, having competed in seven different decades. His family would continue the tradition, with his three sons competing as El Hijo de Sombra Vengadora, Sombra Vengadora Jr., and La Sombra Vengandora II. His grandson also competes as Mini Sombra Vengadora.

For many years he was promoter, hundreds of wrestlers received opportunities in his promotion that they could not have in other places. Each December 12, he ran festivities at Colonia La Malinche honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe, in which wrestlers, referees and ring announcers offered their work.

Looks Like?

Sombra Vengadora is often confused with Rayo de Jalisco. Many people believe that Sombra Vengadora is a Rayo de Jalisco's knock off, but the truth is Sombra Vengadora preceded Rayo de Jalisco. La Sombra Vengadora was filmed in 1954 and released until 1956, Rayo's design is actually based on Sombra Vengadora. The differences between them is lighting bolt on the mask which is on the opposite side.

Moreover, Sombra Vengadora also is often confused with Sombra Vengadora (Bolivia), unlike the Mexican wrestler the Bolivian uses the lighting bolt on the same side as Rayo de Jalisco.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask[1] El Nazi Sombra Vengadora unknown
??/??/??? mask Sombra Vengadora Carnicero Azteca unknown
1960 $1.000 (1) Sombra Vengadora Espectro I El Cortijo
1960 mask El Enfermero Sombra Vengadora Arena Coliseo
1961/11/21 mask Fantasma de la Quebrada Sombra Vengadora Arena Mexico
1964/??/?? mask Sombra Vengadora El Bruto Torreón, Coahuila
60's Hair Sombra Vengadora Gori Casanova Plaza de Toros el Cortijo
1973 mask El Cirujano Halcón Vengador Guatemala
1983 mask Edgar Echeverria Madame Xandu Guatemala
(1) Mask vs $1.000 pesos
  1. Box y Lucha 650


Huracan, La Sombra & Medico Asesino
lost mask
profile in Lucha Libre 89 (1965), w/worked birth date?
as Rogelio de la Paz, 1969

as Señor Tormenta
unmasked as Halcón Vengador, Guatemala 1973
unmasked as Madame Xandu, Guatemala 1983
Rogelio de la Paz in action 2010-2011
Rogelio de la Paz Dinasty 2010-2011

Rogelio de la Paz, the legendary Sombra Vengadora is Back 2010-2011
Rogelio de la Paz
as Hombre Nuclear
63 year career
Sombra Vengadora bill.jpg
mask loss

Sombra vengadora Box y Lucha.jpeg