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Group of wrestlers who all left AAA. Originally formed in Jan. 2017 when Pentagón Jr., Daga, Garza Jr. all left AAA at the same time and made surprise debuts at a The Crash show. Fénix who had left AAA earlier, immediately joined them where they described their group as rebelling against AAA and their bad treatment of luchadors. Zorro was the next to leave AAA and joined the group followed a short time later by Rey Misterio Jr. The Crash remains their home promotion but they do team on other indie shows as well. Their first rival was La Familia de Tijuana although The Alvarado Family team of La Mascara & Maximo hit the indie scene after leaving CMLL and have feuded with La Rebelión. Garza Jr. would eventually turn on the group and form his own group called La Rebelión Amarilla.


Former Members


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