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Name Kikutaro
Real name Mitsunobu Kikuzawa
Name history Kikuzawa, Blue Fire Kikuzo, Chicken Boy, Ebessan, Ebestan Hansen, Ebetaro, Kikutaro, and many tributes
Maestro(s) Masanobu Kurisu
Birth date, location November 17, 1976 - Osaka, Japan
Obituary date
Debut, location July 24, 1994
Lost mask to
Height 5'6"
Weight 231 lbs
Signature moves Ebisu Otoshi, Kaiun Tornado, Shining Ebezard
Titles: ComPro Oklahoma X Division Championship, Open the Owari Gate Championship, Open the Owarai Twin Gate Championship (w/Don Fuji), El Mejor De Mascara Title, Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship [11], FMW Barbed Wire Street Fight Six Man Tag Team Championship [2] (1 w/Atsushi Onita & Okumura, 1 w/Atsushi Onita & Exciting Yoshida), NGF Heavyweight Championship, OPW Battle Royal Championship [6], OPW Meibutsu Sekaiichi Championship [3], OPW Owarai Championship [2], Tokyo Intercontinental Tag Team Champion (w/Stalker Ichikawa), USA World Tag Team Championship (w/Hulk Puchihogan)

Lucha Libre Connection

Wrestled for CMLL in Japan on 1997[1]. Also wrestled in CMLL events from 1998 until 2000 in Mexico. Other Lucha Libre related promotions in which he has wrestled for (besides Michinoku Pro Wrestling) include Pro Wrestling Revolution, AWS, REINA, Dragon Gate, Rey Misterio Presents[2], SoCal Pro Wrestling[3], and Chikara.