Kodo Fuyuki

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Kodo Fuyuki
Kodo Fuyuki
Name Kodo Fuyuki
Real name Hiromichi Fuyuki
Nicknames Macho Body
Name history Ricky Fuyuki, Samson Fuyuki, Kodo Fuyuki, Hiromichi Fuyuki
Maestro(s) Isao Yoshihara
Birth date, location May 11, 1960 - Sapporo, Japan
Obituary date March 19, 2003
Debut, location May 4, 1980
Lost mask to
Height 5'10"/178 cm
Weight 271 lbs/123 kg
Signature moves Fuyuki Special I, Fuyuki Special II, Samson Clutch, Samson Striker (Muscle Buster), La Silla
Titles: AJPW All Asia Tag Team Championship (3) (w/Toshiaki Kawada), FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship, FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship (2) (1 w/Hido & 1 w/Yukihiro Kanemura), FMW Independent Heavyweight Championship, FMW World Street Fight 6-Man Tag Team Championship (3) (1 w/Gedo & Jado, 1 w/Hido & Yukihiro Kanemura and 1 w/Koji Nakagawa & Yukihiro Kanemura), WEW 6-Man Tag Team Championship (5) (2 w/Kyoko Inoue & Chocoball Mukai, 2 w/Mr. Gannosuke & Shinjuku-zame and 1 w/Koji Nakagawa & Gedo, WEW World Heavyweight Championship (3), WEW World Tag Team Championship (3) (1 w/The Sandman, 1 w/Kyoko Inoue & 1 w/Tetsuhiro Kuroda), WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Championship (6) (5 w/Jado & Gedo and 1 w/Bam Bam Bigelow & Yoji Anjo)


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