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Guerreros del Infierno is a long run '00s era top rudo faction in CMLL. It had existed as Infernales/Nuevo Infernales before losing the right to the name in a 7 way cage match on September 28, 2001. The faction is also called "Los Guerreros" and "Los Guerreros del Atlantida" (after Atlantis joined), and is sometimes abbreviated to GdI or GdA. They now go by Guerreros Laguneros


LosGuerreros 2017.jpg

Current Version

Los Guerreros Laguneros

Former members

  • Thunder (joined in 2014 after becoming a rudo then in 2015 turned on Ultimo Guerrero and began feuding with him.)
  • Niebla Roja - Joined in 2012 as an alternate but upgraded to a full member in October 2012. Was kicked out of the group in May 2017 for no longer exhibiting rudo tactics.
  • Euforia - Joined the group in August 2012 and left in August 2021 to join the revamped Los Infernales

Former Versions

Los Guerreros del Infierno

Los Guerreros del Atlantida

Los Guerrero Negros

Los Guerreros

Black Warrior, Averno, Mephisto, Hijo de Lizmark and others have been associated with the group, but have not been referred to as official members. GdA was allied with the undercard Pandilla Guerrera group until late 2007, when that group re-organized as Rebeldes del Desierto. As of recently GdA has been assoicated with Negro Casas's La Peste Negra stable.

Dr. Wagner Jr. was offered membership by Ultimo Guerrero, when Wagner briefly returned to the rudo side in July 2007. Wagner and UG broke up a week later, so this didn't go anywhere.

Group History

The group started to fall apart in fall of 2008. There has been no breakup angle, but with Ultimo Guerrero not focused on the group, the members drifted apart. After a suspension, Toscano returned to CMLL as a rudo, but quickly joined the tecnicos without associating with his old group. Olimpico quietly left the promotion at the end of November. After complaining about his lack of work with the rest of the team, Sangre Azteca officially resigned his membership in December.

The group was left with Rey Bucanero, Atlantis, and Ultimo Guerrero as the entire team. The three occasionally teamed up as a trio, but weren't a regular trio. After Bucanero got hurt in mid 2009, they were down to just occasional Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero team ups as a pair. Bucanero rejoined the group when he was healthy.

When Olimpico returned to CMLL, he was part of Los Invasores, but Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero welcomed him back to their group as well. Bucanero, already transforming into a more pirate-y character, claimed the other members of the group were picking Olimpico over him and left. Olimpico himself only last a few moments in the group. Days after he was announced as being in the group, Olimpico picked Los Invasors over Guerreros de Atlantida, turning on UG and Atlantis.

The group returned to being only two members, teaming with other random rudos. In October 2010, Atlantis, Guerrero and Dragon Rojo defetaed the CMLL World Trios Champions La Mascara, Mascara Dorada & La Sombra in non-title matches. The rudo trio earned a title shot off the wins. Guerrero & Atlantis invited Dragon Rojo Jr. to join their unit permanently just before the match. Dragon Rojo accepted, but brought his bad luck in title match with him. The rudos were unable to win the titles.


Guerreros de Atlántida w/Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Olimpico & Rey Bucanero
10.8.21 - One of their signature moves

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9.30.222, New CMLL Trios champs

Guerreros Laguneros
Ultimo Guerrero * Euforia * Gran Guerrero
GdI: Rey Bucanero * Toscano * Mascara Magica
GdA: Atlantis * Sangre Azteca * Olimpico * Eclipse * Rey Escorpión * Dragon Rojo Jr.
Mascots: Ultimonito (original) * Ultimonito