Guerrero Rojo

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Guerrero Rojo
Guerrero Rojo
Name Guerrero Rojo
Real name Adán Cristobal Rodriguez Gomez
Nicknames Red Warrior, Big Red, El Bocazas
Name history Guerrero Rojo
Family Negro Azteca (brother in law), Guerrero Negro (nephew)
Maestro(s) Caudillo II, Príncipe Negro
Birth date, location October 10, 1969 - Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location 1987 - Gimnasio Municipal de San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
Lost mask to LA Park - September 21, 2008
Height 5'10"
Weight 310
Signature moves Spear, Senton Bomb, Lariat
Titles: Baja California Lightweight Championship, Baja California Heavyweight Championship, IWA Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, Costa del Pacífico Heavyweight Championship, Pacific Coast Tag Team Championship (w/Rey Tortura)


Guerrero Rojo wrestles in Mexicali. He is a true brute and beats his opponents into pulp. Once of his experiences that marked him to take a wrestling career was when he was running away from a bully. He tried to hide in the Arena Coliseo Mexicali inside the he met the luchador who inspired him Charger. Even with his family's disapproval, he decided to train. Under the tutelage of Caudillo II and his son Príncipe Negro for a year of intensive training. During that year of training he started on a mat before stepping on the ring. They places where he trained were Arena Coliseo Mexicali, Gimnasio Güero Ferrat, and Arena Nacionalista. The group started with about 40 trainees and only 7 of them became professional wrestlers. From that generation came out Thunder Boy, Negro Azteca, Humilde, Killer Dog, El Traidor, Flamante Turbo, and Guerrero Rojo himself.

  • Started his training at the age of 17 and made his debut at 18. After that he kept training for 3 more years.
  • As a Cinephile, his ring name was inspired by the movie Red Sonja (known as Guerrero Rojo in Latin America) starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He saw that movie and he wanted to be like Schwarzenegger's character.
  • His debut was in two events. One at Auditorio Municipal de San Luis Río Colorado against Diamante Negro and right after that he went against Alas de Oro in Arena Santa Isabel un Mexicali.
  • He is part of the Trio La Ola Roja with Furia Roja and El Traidor.
  • Won two Arena Coliseo Cups in a row with la La Ola Roja feature that no other Mexicali Luchadors had ever reached.
  • Held the IWA International Heavyweight Championship for three years with 15 successful defenses.
  • The first Triple Crown Champion in the history of professional wrestling in Mexicali. Holding the IWA International Heavyweight Championship, Baja California Heavyweight, and the Costa del Pacífico Heavyweight Championship at the same time.
  • On 2003 the Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Mexicali awarded him in three different categories.


Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Mexicali

  • Best Tag Team of 1993 with El Traidor
  • Best Rudo 2003
  • Match of the Year 2003 against Humilde
  • Wrestler of the Year 2003

Arena Coliseo Cup

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
1992 Arena Coliseo Mexicali Guerrero Rojo vs Caudillo Jr. This is the left wrestled match
2000s Arena Coliseo Mexicali Guerrero Rojo became the new IWA International Heavyweight Champion defeating Mr. Tempest
07/04/25 Plaza de Toros Calafia - Mexicali Príncipe Negro Jr., Rey Negro, & Príncipe Negro defeated El Traidor, Furia Roja and Guerrero Rojo

Luchas de apuestas record

  • Guerrero Rojo said he has proofs of having defeated Humilde in 5 times and Negro Azteca 6 times in different events. It is yet to be confirmed.
Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
????/??/?? mask Guerrero Rojo Alas de Oro Arena Coliseo Mexicali
????/??/?? hair Guerrero Rojo Humilde Mexicali
????/??/?? hair Guerrero Rojo Nahual Arena Coliseo Mexicali
????/??/?? hair Guerrero Rojo Furia Roja Arena Coliseo Mexicali
????/??/?? mask Guerrero Rojo Caballero Blanco Arena Coliseo Mexicali
????/??/?? mask Guerrero Rojo Gran Leon Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
????/??/?? mask Guerrero Rojo El Hombre de la X Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
????/??/?? mask Guerrero Rojo Mr. Kamba Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
2008/09/21 mask L. A. Park Guerrero Rojo Arena Coliseo - Mexicali, Baja California
17/06/25 hairs Voltron & Guerrero Rojo Caudillo II & Rey Negro Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali, Baja California


FB IMG 1516838791999.jpg
FB IMG 1516838795433.jpg
Costa del Pacífico Tag Team Champions
20180121 222930~01.jpg
FB IMG 1518297948081.jpg

defeating Caballero Azteca
FB IMG 1467778921059.jpg
with other mask

defeating Angel Mensajero
winning hairs of Caudillo II & Rey Negro