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== Profile ==
|image=Guerrero Mixtico_2012.jpg
|name=Guerrero Mixtico
|name=Guerrero Mixtico
|nameHistory=Guerrero Mixtico (often spelled Mixteco)
|nameHistory=Guerrero Mixtico I/Guerrero Mixtico
|family=[[Guerrero Mixtico Jr.]] (brother-in-law)
|maestro=[[Tony Rivera]]?
|birthdate=[[Nezahualcoyotl]], [[Mexico State]]
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== Profile ==
[[category:Mexican wrestlers]]
Neza based tecnico, one of the more successful wrestlers in Arena Neza. Appeared on AAA TV in 2012 as part of a televised dark match. Also wrestled in early IWRG matches during the spring 2012, representing [[Tony Rivera]]'s school and wrestling as a tecnico.
== Lucha de Apuestas Record ==
{{aline|[[2012]].[[09.16]]|mask (1)|[[Guerrero Mixtico]]|[[Dralion (Queretaro)]]|[[Arena Neza]]}}
{{aend|'''(1)''': cage match w/[[Henry]], [[Chamuel]], [[Drago]], [[Argenis]], [[Argos]], [[Comando Negro]], [[Neza Kid]], [[Turbo]], [[Black Thunder]], [[Brazo Jr.]], [[Barba Roja]], [[Ero Golden]]}}
== Gallery ==
[[category:Former IWRG wrestlers]]

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Guerrero Mixtico
Guerrero Mixtico
Name Guerrero Mixtico
Real name
Name history Guerrero Mixtico I/Guerrero Mixtico
Family Guerrero Mixtico Jr. (brother-in-law)
Birth date, location Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
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Debut, location
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