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Guapos U was a half group/half angle in 2003 and 2004 CMLL. Self proclaimed 1000% Guapo Shocker, along with his partner Mascara Magica, brought in a bunch of wannabe Guapos from around Mexico to test them, improve them, and select one to join their Guapos group.

The idea seemed inspired by the WWE's Tough Enough show (which took a number of untrained wannabes, trained them, and cut down to two winners) and the many other reality based game show contests of the time. The Guapos U concept often got vignettes as part of CMLL's weekly programming and a weekly featured match in Arena Coliseo. Both times CMLL ran Guapos U, it had a lot of initial momentum and seemed to meander after a few weeks before stapling on a conclusion. The contests were successful in introducing wrestlers from outside Mexico City who'd become regulars, but the storyline itself wasn't consistently followed through.

There were two classes of Guapo U: 2003 and 2004.

2003 Guapos U

In the first version of Guapos U, Shocker and Mascara Magica (both unmasked) declared only unmasked wrestlers could compete. After try outs, the group was decided:


Centella de Oro and Rocker were both initially part of the group, but dropped after the first vignette without an explanation.

Tony Rivera, Ricky Marvin and Zumbido were all Mexico City regulars. Loco Max was a regular in Puebla, and Genetico and Mr. Power had been feuding in Guadalajara (though that was not brought up here). Terrible has been working in IWRG among other places.

At the start of the competition, CMLL had phone in polls where fans could give their approval ratings on each member of the group, but they only mentioned them for a few weeks (and it's unknown if the results given were legit.)

Also at the start, most of the highlighted Guapo U matches were one on one encounters. Later on in the group existence, they melded the group's actions into normal trio matches, often with class members opposing each other.

In hindsight, it seems CMLL was expecting big things from Terrible all along. He got to show more personality in the vignettes and won the first match to sell the concept.

The Guapos group as a whole feuded with CMLL midcarders, both tecncio and rudo, who were angry with the Guapos for taken spots away from them, and getting more attention than guys who's been around the company longer. (This likely mirrored real feelings.) Battles between the two sides were inconclusive and didn't lead anywhere.

Zumbido was tossed from the group for behavior and feuding with Ricky Marvin. Those two ended up in a hair match, and both lost their hair when the match ended in a draw.

A winner was eventually decided via a disorganized tournament (where people who lost were brought allowed back in) and finally a four way between the remaining participants: Terrible & Genetico versus Ricky Marvin & Tony Rivera. Terrible and Ricky were the last ones left, and Terrible pinned the stellar undercarder to earn membership to the Guapos group.


  • Terrible joined the Guapos for near a year, before turning on them and going his own way as a rudo.
  • Ricky Marvin, still stuck in the same card position, left CMLL for NOAH and sparingly does shots in AAA.
  • Genetico was reintroduced as Sagrado (Genetico), with no mention of his past
  • Loco Max stuck in Mexico City as a partially insane undercarder, prone to losing many hair matches.
  • Zumbido moved up slightly on the card as a rudo, then left for AAA
  • Tony Rivera is still the same Tony Rivera
  • the others vanished or got new gimmicks

2004 Guapos U

In the second edition of Guapos U, Shocker and Mascara Magica allowed masked wrestlers to compete, declaring masks to be Guapo.

At the time of forming the group, there was no need for a new member of the Guapos; they had a full trio. This was quickly fixed when Terrible turned on the group.


Loco Max petitioned to join the group, but was rejected for being in the last one and having lost his mind. (Loco was talking to a stuffed animal at this point.)

There was no process of elimination or selection shown in the vignettes. Presumably, it was all up to Shocker's pick.

This class participated in weekly trios matches in Arena Coliseo. This eventually lead to a Guapos U only #1 contenders tournament for the Mexican National Trios Championship. The team of Misterioso II, Brazo de Oro Jr., Texano Jr. won, but were unable to win the belts.

During those trios matches, class members Sangre Azteca and Koreano turned on their partners. On the same CMLL television show, Guapos rivals Ultimo Guerrero and Terrible attacked Fabian el Gitano and Monito, with Sangre and Koreano preventing the rest of the class from running off the rudos. Shocker soon arrived on the scene, and expelled Azteca and Koreano for their actions. (Ultimo Guerrero immediately took the two as part of a new group, Pandilla Guerrera, designed to rival and beat the Guapos.)

While the previous version had a climatic match to declare the winner, this version had a small notice mentioned on the website, and very little deal made. Alan didn't even team with the Guapos until many weeks after he'd been announced as winner.


Except for Lestat, all of the members of this Guapos U class stuck with CMLL in at least a semi-regular basis, though some quickly changed gimmicks.