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Name Fatu
Real name Solofa Fatu
Nicknames Big 'Kish
Name history Fatu (debut - ??), Headshrinker Fatu (WWF, early 1990's), The Sultan (WWF, mid-1990's), J.R. Smooth (Memphis Power Pro Wrestling), Rikishi Fatu/Rikishi Phatu (1999 - 2004), Kishi (2004 - ), Junior Fatu (TNA - 2006).
Family Afa Anoai (uncle), Sika Anoai (uncle), Samula Anoai (first cousin), Afa Anoai Jr. (first cousin), Lloyd Anoai (first cousin), Sam Fatu (brother), Rodney Anoai (first cousin), Matt Anoai (first cousin), Eddie Fatu (brother), David Tua (first cousin), Gary Albright (first cousin by marriage), Peter Maivia (distant cousin), Jimmy Snuka (distant cousin), Jimmy Snuka, Jr. (distant cousin, once-removed), Rocky Johnson (distant cousin by marriage), Dwayne Johnson (distant cousin)
Maestro(s) Afa Anoai, Sika Anoai
Birth date, location October 11, 1966 - San Francisco, California
Obituary date
Debut, location 1985
Lost mask to
Height 6'1"/185 cm
Weight 401 lbs/182 kg
Signature moves Rump Shaker, Rikishi Driver, Side kick, Splash
Titles: UWA World Trios Championship (w/ Rodney Anoai and Sam Fatu), WWF Intercontinental Championship, WWF/E Tag Team Championship (3) (w/ Samula Anoai, w/ Rico Constantino, w/ Scotty 2 Hotty), WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championship (w/ Samula Anoai), WCWA Tag Team Championship (3) (w/ Samula Anoai), WCCW Texas Tag Team Championship (w/ Samula Anoai), PPW Heavyweight Championship, Montreal Television Championship, RLL Absoluto Title


In Mexico, first appeared as a foreigner for the UWA in the early 90s. Has worked on occasion for AAA, including 2007's TripleMania.



as a member of the Headshrinkers
as the Sultan
in WWF
as the WWF Intercontinental Championship
as the Headshrinkers with WWF World Tag Team Champion
as the WWE Tag Team Champion