FDT Women's Tournament

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Ixchel, Winner

The FDT Women's Tournament or Torneo Mujeres de FDT is a professional wrestling tournament held Furia de Titanes on March 17, 2018 in Faro Aragon, Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City. This event was to honor Irma Gonzalez[1].


1) The tournament was created as a 16 woman tournament with a first round of four way matches. Two out of each group of four could qualify to the next round by submission or pinfall.

2) The second round would be two four way matches in which two participants could qualify to the semifinals.

3) The semifinals would be two single elimination matches.

4) The final would be a single match with one fall.


4 Way Matches   4 Way Matches Quarters   Semifinals   Finals
 Ixchel W  
 Brigit        Quimera W  
 Dark Lady W    Rosa de Fuego      
 Alma Blanca          Ixchel W  
 Quimera W        Reina del Sur    
 Reina Sorceres        Ixchel W
 Rosa de Fuego W    Dark Lady        
 Hielera          Ixchel W
 Lady Frozen W        Quimera  
 Lady Lu        Lady Frozen W  
 Reina del Sur W    Dark Spectra    
 Andromeda          Lady Frozen  
 Dark Spectra W        Quimera W  
 Mandragora        Reina del Sur W
 Gracy W    Gracy    



  1. FDT Women's Tournament
  2. There were more luchadoras announced in the poster, but several of them missed leaving an empty slot