El Jaguar de Colombia

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The Jaguar of Colombia / Colombian Jaguar
The Jaguar of Colombia / Colombian Jaguar
Name The Jaguar of Colombia / Colombian Jaguar
Real name unrevealed
Name history The Jaguar of Colombia
Maestro(s) Nikos Petrou (Greece)
Birth date, location April 9, 1948 - Tame Arauca
Obituary date
Debut, location 1961
Lost mask to Dick Angelo - March 12, 1967 - Gimnasio Nacional, Guatemala
Height 5'10
Signature moves La Jaguarina
Titles: World Light Heavyweight Champion, Pan-american Champion (2x) Latinoamerican Champion, , Central-American, The Caribbean Champion.


Born in Tame Arauca (Colombia's Eastern Plains) in 1946, with 48 years as a professional, he toured 84 countries around the world. At the young age of 13, under the tutelage of Master Nikos Petrou, he ventured into the world of Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling.

He made his debut at the age of 15, in Venezuela, a country that projected him to all of Central America and Mexico, where he became a box office magnet, conquering the demanding fans of the Mecca of continental wrestling, businessmen North Americans found out about his fame and opened the doors of the United States for him, managing to consolidate his sports career at that same age when he made his presentations at Madison Square Garden, the highest temple of consecration of artists and athletes in the world in the capital. of the New York world, there the critics and specialized Latin press considered him as "The youngest professional wrestler in the world" at his early age 15 years (1961).

He played "El Santo" EL Enmascarado de Plata" (Under his authorization) in 5 films filmed entirely in Colombia in the year 1968. These film performances interested the producers of Víctor Films de México who hired him to star in two films with his own character (Karla vs. Los Jaguares and Los Jaguares vs. The Mysterious Invader, filmed entirely in Colombia and then dubbed in 18 languages ​​(Year 1973).

In 1971 he created the mythical wrestling company "Arena Bogotá" where he hired the best wrestlers in the world such as: Nikolai Zigulinof (Bulgaria), King Kong (Lebanon), King Bryner (Argentina), El Dragón Negro (Hong Kong), Blue Demon (Mexico), Fantomas (Mexico), Apolo do Brasil, El Monje Loco (Ecuador), Cruz Diablo (Cuba), Frankenstein (Panama), El Lobo de Galicia (Spain), Dakota Bill (Peru) among others.

Titles Obtained:

  • Latin American Champion, Caracas, Venezuela (1965)
  • Two-Time Pan American Champion:
    • Puerto Rico (1972)
    • Arena Bogotá – Bogotá Colombia (1973)
  • World Light Heavyweight Champion, Arena Bogotá - Bogotá Colombia (1973)
  • Central American and Caribbean Champion, Dominican Republic (1974)

Also challenges for the WWF Tag Team championships in 1979, facing the Valiant Brothers (WWF World Heavy Weights Champions) w/Tito Santana as his partner.

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1967/03/12 mask Dick Angelo El Jaguar de Colombia Gimnasio Nacional - Guatemala
1972 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Sepulturero I Colombia
1972 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Frankestein Colombia
1972 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Cruz Diablo Colombia
1972 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Medico Asesino JR Colombia
1973 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Brujo de Mexico Colombia
1973 mask El Jaguar de Colombia El Infernal Colombia
1973 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Cornelius Congo "The Ape" Colombia
1973 mask(1) El Jaguar de Colombia Dragon Negro Colombia
1974 mask El Jaguar de Colombia La Bestia Colombia
1977 mask El Jaguar de Colombia Kendo Nakamura Colombia
(1) mask & panamerican title vs mask & world title