Dr. Alfonso Morales

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Dr. Alfonso Morales
Dr. Alfonso Morales
Name Dr. Alfonso Morales
Real name Gilberto Alberto Morales Villela
Family Leonardo Riaño (nephew)
Birth date February 4, 1949 - Huetamo, Michoacán
Obituary date December 17, 2020
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member


Dr. Morales is a popular Mexican wrestling announcer. He usually favored tecnicos over rudos, and has worked in AAA, CMLL, EMLL and others as a broadcaster for Televisa. He's also hosted the the program "Las noches del Santo" (Santo's night). Morales is the current director of the Box y Lucha Magazine and also works as a commentator for boxing matches.

In an interview in the Special Edition of Somos Magazine "Todo Sobre la Lucha Libre: Mascaras Conocemos, Cabelleras No Sabemos" said he asked Paco Alonso to be trained in Lucha Libre. He received training from Rafael Salamanca for some time.

It is said that he predicted when Dr. Wagner Jr. would lose his mask. In the mask vs mask match between Mr. Niebla and Mr. Niebla GIR on August 20, 1999 at Arena México Dr. Wagner Jr. was Mr. Niebla GIR's second but he pushed the other Mr. Niebla in the very beginning of the match and the commissioners expelled him. Afterwards Dr. Morales said:

Wagner nos vemos para el 2017 (Wagner see you in 2017). [1]

Dr. Wagner Jr lost his mask 18 years later on August 26, 2017.

Not Tinieblas

On the week Tinieblas debuted, lucha announcer Dr. Alfonso Morales was absent. Dr. Morales missing a show is a strange event, he's a tall man, and Tinieblas is a tall man, so some believed the announcer was actually under the mask.

This is not true. Morales is not Tinieblas, and has done commentary on his matches. Despite the evidence to the contrary, the urban legend of Morales being Tinieblas still surfaces from time to time.