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Dory (Dorrel) Dixon
Dory (Dorrel) Dixon
Name Dory (Dorrel) Dixon
Real name Dorrel Dixon
Nicknames El Gigante de Ébano (The Ebony Giant), The Calypso Kid, Black Bullet
Name history Dory/Dorrel Dixon (debut - retirement), Calypso Kid (Texas, 1961), Mr. T
Family none
Maestro(s) Rafael Salamanca
Birth date, location February 1, 1932 - Jamaica
Obituary date
Debut, location June 12, 1955 - Arena Coliseo
Lost mask to
Height 5'9"/175 cms
Weight 209 lbs/95 kg
Signature moves Jamaican Flying Bodyblock, Dropkick
Titles: NWA World Light Heavyweight Title, NWA Texas Heavyweight Title (2), NWA Texas Tag Team Titles (2, w/ Pepper Gomez), WWWA World Heavyweight Title, WCCW Texas Tag Team Titles (w/ Nick Kozak)


This Jamaican, known as Dory Dixon all over the world and Dorrel Dixon in Mexico, became a very popular star of his day because of his exciting style and his impressive appearance - as he had one of the better crafted bodies in the wrestling pre-steroid era.

Dixon was a weightlifting champion in Jamaica in the early 50s, and after winning the "Mr. Jamaica Body Beautiful" crown, he became a member of the Jamaica weightlifting team which competed in the Central American Olympics in Mexico City in 1954. He could not speak even a little bit of Spanish, but he got in love with Mexico. He meet some friends in Puebla who had him hidden, so he deserted and did not return to Jamaica with his group. One of those friends was the son of then Governor Rafael Villa Camacho, whose father once offered him a job as a bodyguard because he was so impressed by Dixon's appearance!!!

His friends got him a job as a P.E. teacher at a school, where he, at age 19, met the woman that would eventually become his wife, Virginia, who was 14 then. She did not speak English, and he could not speak a lot of Spanish, but they had love at first sight and started dating, but broke up because Dorrell was basically forced to marry another woman, from Puebla as well, to get his citizenship.

But in what looks like something out of an Hispanic soap opera, or a love novel, more than real life, ten years later Virginia went to New York to buy her wedding dress to marry another man, and saw street posters of none other than her long lost love Dorrell scheduled for a match at New York's own MSG! She could not resist attending the wrestling card to see him, and after the matches they met, and since he was already divorced, it turned out that the dress she bought was to marry a different man than the one she was initially scheduled to. They married in Puebla, and because of Dixon's popularity as a wrestler, it was a very talked about wedding and romance.

But going into details of his wrestling career, Salvador Lutteroth once met him and became quite impressed with his look, so he convinced him into training to become a wrestler. He was sent to the Arena Mexico training facility where Rafael Salamanca taught him the secrets of pro wrestling, and in 1955 he made his pro debut.

He was always a great athlete and his flying style and charisma made him a big fan favourite down in Mexico, but during his first matches, press reports considered him to be a bodybuilder with little charisma and less ability, who moved like a robot, and did not have much of a future in the business. But through superation and effort, Dixon proved the magazines wrong, and became a dynamic and exciting wrestler with an unique look and charisma.

He first came to the US in 1961, in Texas, where he competed under the "The Calypso Kid" name, which would eventually become his nickname as later he'd just go by his real name. The reason for this name or nickname was because of the Calypso shirts and garb he would wear into the ring.

And once again, but now in a different country, his quick and agile style gained him a following. Other than his several title wins in the States and Mexico, some highlights of his career where his matches against then NWA World Heavyweight champion Buddy Rogers at the world famous Madison Square Garden, and his memorable tag team with fellow black wrestler Bobo Brazil. And his biggest feuds in Mexico were against Black Shadow (who he faced twice in hair vs. hair matches) and Espanto I (who he faced in a classic bloodfest in 1965). He also had a great match with Lou Thesz on August 3, 1975 at the Arena Afición in Pachuca, Hidalgo that got a full house, and we can't also forget his great tag team alliances with Blue Demon and El Relámpago Cubano. He was a world traveler though, and he also wrestled in other places like Europe and the Caribbean.

Dixon spent the bigger part of his career as a babyface but he also had a rudo run, as he turned heel in Mexico on June of 1967. He was, however, often described in the magazines as a rudo without a great personality and a misused talent since his style had to change and he couldn't exploit his biggest strenghts in the ring.

He kept active as a wrestler until the early 80s. From 1975 to his retirement he was an important player in the independent promotion UWA, especially during its birth (he was even in the debut card), though in the last days as a luchador he was mostly used in special matches at El Toreo.

Nowadays Dixon, who is a Mexican citizen, still keeps in great shape (actually, if you remember Dixon from the magazines pin-ups from Wrestling Revue kind of magazines in the 60s, his body is still pretty much like) and goes around the country giving health and training speeches in gyms. He is happily married to Virginia "Viky" Dixon, and they have three children: Althea, Dezzy and Ingmar. As some extra info about his life, Dixon is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church and he had some appearances in films of the lucha genre.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Canek Dorrel Dixon unknown
??/??/?? hair Dorrel Dixon Black Shadow Arena México - Mexico City
??/??/?? hair Fishman Dorrel Dixon unknown
64/03/20 hair Espanto I Dorrel Dixon Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
68/06/11 hair Black Shadow Dorrel Dixon Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
1971.08.06 hairs Ray Mendoza & Dorrel Dixon René Guajardo & Katsuhisa Shibata Arena Mexico
81/07/26 hair Ángel Blanco Dorrel Dixon Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
82/07/05 hair Kahoz Dorrel Dixon León, Guanajuato
83/01/20 hair Carlos Plata Dorrel Dixon Jalapa, Veracruz
1985/07/30 hair Fishman Dory Dixon Guatemala


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as Mr. T

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2021 in his 88th birthday