Copa Arena Coliseo, 1994

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On January 14, 1994, CMLL held a one-night tag team tournament for the Copa Arena Coliseo. The tournament was obviously held in Arena Coliseo. The following teams were entered:

Emilio/Negra-----                   |
Atlantis/Ringo---                   |                   |
                 |Atlantis/Ringo----                    |
Brazo/Fiero------                                       |
                                                        |Bestia Salvaje
Casas/Cota-------                                       |Cachorro Mendoza
                 |Wagner/Mate-------                    |
Wagner/Mate------                   |                   |
Oro/Rocca--------                   |

Cachorro won the tournament for he and his partner by faking a low blow from his own brother Ringo.