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many of the Arena Pueblas regulars (but not in Arena Puebla), 2010

Arena Puebla, a long time closely affiliated CMLL arena, has an equally long running group of local undercard talent for it's weekly Monday shows. Much of the wrestlers who wrestlers who are wrestling in this week's opening matches also wrestled in opening matches five or ten years ago. It's rare for new younger wrestlers to getting added to the regular group here, it's rare for members of the usual group to leave and join CMLL in Mexico City full time (some have - e.g. Skandalo and Loco Max - and others have had sporadic appearances) or to wrestle elsewhere around the country.

The Arena Puebla regulars are beloved by their fans as if they were the home team, and know each other well enough to consistently have good matches with each other. In 2008, Arena Puebla shows were taped for broadcast on TVC Deportes, allowing people outside of the area to see their matches. These shows continued (with some breaks due to contractual issues) until 2014.