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Name Caoz
Real name Otto Vidal
Nicknames Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor (The Best Of The Best)
Name history Caoz (debut -)
Maestro(s) César Mansilla, El Enfermero, Jorge Aspajo, Super Zeta
Birth date, location May 3, 1984 - Lima, Peru
Obituary date
Debut, location October, 2003 vs El Moro - Carmen de La Legua, Callao
Lost mask to
Height 177 cm/5'10"
Weight 82 kg/180 lb
Signature moves El Pare, Modified Figure-Four Leg Lock, Sitdown Spinebuster, Teoría Del Caoz
Titles: LWA Maximo Championship, LWA Tag Team Championship (w/Kaiser), PWT Titan Pride Championship, XNL International Titanes del Ring Championship, WAR World Championship (2)

Peruvian wrestler. Caoz made his professional wrestling debut in 2003 versus El Moro in Carmen de La Legua, Callao. He spend most of his early years of career wrestling on small independent shows. In 2006, Caoz meet Carlos Román (aka AXL), Flavio Morán (aka Íkaro), and Giancarlo Moyano (aka Kaiser) to form Lima Wrestling Academy (which later would become Leader Wrestling Association). All they served as trainers to young people who wanted to become in wrestlers. The promotion held their first wrestling event on February 13, 2008 in Coliseo Aldo Chamochumbi out of Magdalena Del Mar, Lima. The show was compossed by young wrestlers they formed in about two years of trainning.

In 2010, LWA began to bring in independent wrestlers from both Mexico, and United States. At the time, Caoz was the reining LWA Maximo Champion. At finals 2010, he came to Chile to challenge Perro Ramces for the RLL Regional Championship. Lost in the quarter finals of Torneo Latinoamericano de Lucha Libre 2014 held in Brazil.


In 2012
w/Apocalipsis and La Cobra, Peruvian champions