Canek Jr.

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Canek Jr.
Canek Jr.
Name Canek Jr.
Real name ?
Name history El Hijo del Canek (? - )
Family Canek (father), Principe Maya, Perro del Ring, El Danés and El Danés II (uncles), El Hijo del Canek (brother), Brujo Maya, Rey Maya, El Danés Jr. and Pequeño Maya, Murder Clown (cousins); see Dinastia Maya
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves

He is the younger son of Canek. He appears to have only wrestled a limited amount of matches including a September 25th, 2010, Independent Wrestling League show with his brother Hijo del Canek[1]. Due to promoters often using both the Canek Jr. and Hijo de Canek names for his brother, El Hijo del Canek, many assumed he never wrestled. According to El Hijo del Canek, he retired from wrestling and works as a personal trainer.