CMLL World Trios Tournament, 2008

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In May and June of 2008, CMLL held a three week, eight team tournament to determine new CMLL Trios champions. The ex-champions, Los Perros del Mal, could no longer defend the championship after Hector Garza was kicked out of the group. The rest of the Perros were to be in a cage match on the night of the tournament final, so only the exiled Garza competed in the title tournament.

The eight teams involved were

 05/30   |Averno---
Sagrado--          |
           05/30   |Mistico--
Mistico--          |         |
 05/30   |Mistico--          |
Villanos-                    |Hector Garza
                     06/13   |Hijo del Fantasma
GdA------                    |La Mascara
 06/06   |GdA------          |
Felino---          |         |
           06/06   |Garza----
Garza----          |
 06/06   |Garza----