CMLL World Super Lightweight Tournament, 2011

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Mascara Dorada gave up his CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship in early April 2011, desiring to move up in weight classes. The title remained vacated for two months, until CMLL announced a tournament to define a new champion.

This tournament included 16 luchadors and took place in Arena Mexico. The luchadors were split up into two blocks of eight. The blocks themselves will be split into half by a seeding battle royal, setting up a four versus four cibernetico. The final survivor from each block met in a singles match for the vacant title.

Block A (May 24 @ Arena Mexico)

Cibernetico sides were

A: Guerrero Maya Jr., Hijo del Signo, Magnus, Trueno
B: Inquisidor, Hombre Bala Jr., Palacio Negro, Rey Cometa

Eliminations were

Order of Elimination

  1. Trueno (via Inquisidor)
  2. Hombre Bala Jr. (Magnus)
  3. Inquisidor (Hijo del Signo)
  4. Magnus (Rey Cometa)
  5. Hijo del Signo (Palacio Negro)
  6. Rey Cometa (Guerrero Maya Jr.)
  7. Palacio Negro (Guerrero Maya Jr.)

Winner: Guerrero Maya Jr.

Guerrero Maya used a martinete on Palacio Negro, but no DQ was called. Palacio was stretchered out after the match.

Block B (May 31 @ Arena Mexico)

Cibernetico sides were

A: Tiger Kid, Sensei, Super Halcon Jr., Virus
B: Pegasso, Metal Blanco, Dragon Lee, Fuego

Eliminations were

Order of Elimination

  1. Pegasso (via Dragon Lee)
  2. Super Halcon Jr. (Dragon Lee)
  3. Sensei (Metal Blanco)
  4. Dragon Lee (Tiger Kid)
  5. Tiger Kid (Fuego)
  6. Metal Blanco (Virus)
  7. Fuego (Virus)

Winner: Virus

Virus used a motocicleta on Fuego.

Final (June 7 @ Arena Mexico)

Virus defeated Guerrero Maya Jr. to win the championship.