Berlinetta Boxer

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Berlinetta Boxer
Berlinetta Boxer
Name Berlinetta Boxer
Real name Shogo Takagi
Name history Berlinetta Boxer (Debut-2003), Shogo Takagi (2003-current), Saturday☆Shogo (El Dorado, 2007), Animal☆Shogo (El Dorado, 2007)
Maestro(s) Ultimo Dragon
Birth date, location October 5, 1976
Obituary date
Debut, location December 2, 2001
Lost mask to
Signature moves Jumbo Jet, Black Tiger Bomb, Jet Punch

First appeared on a Tourymon Mexico card in 2001, teaming with Takuya Sugawara to defeat The Syachihoko Machines. Made various appearances on Tourymon Mexico cards between 2001 and 2003, the last in a losing effort while teaming with Murcielago and Lambo Miura against Brazo de Oro Jr., Brazo de Plata Jr. and Skayde. Has since moved full time to Japan and competes there under various names.