Bello Adrián

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Bello Adrián
Bello Adrián
Name Bello Adrián
Real name Adrian Street
Nicknames Man of Many Names
Name history Kid Tarzan Jonathan (debut), Hell's Angel #1, "Exotic" Adrian Street, Bello Adrian
Family Angel Dust (wife)
Maestro(s) Chic Osmond
Birth date, location December 5, 1940
Obituary date July 24, 2023
Debut, location 1957 or 1964 (various sources; Adrian says 1957)
Lost mask to N/A
Height 5'7"/1.70m
Weight 235 lbs/107 kg
Signature moves Sleeper Hold, Splash
Titles: NWA Southeast Heavyweight Championship (4), NWA Americas Tag Team Championship (2) (w/ Timothy Flowers), NWA Americas Heavyweight Championship, NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship, Europe World Middleweight Championship (2), MSWA Television Championship, Mid-South Television Championship