Batman (Mexico City)

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Name Batman
Real name Ruben Prieto Nava
Nicknames "Batmansote"
Name history Príncipe de la Noche, Mega Elektra, X-Lord (in X-LAW), Batman
Birth date, location July 26, 1969
Obituary date October 2, 2019
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Height 195 cm
Signature moves Tope Suicida


Rubén Prieto Nava was a Mexico City luchador since at least 1990s. His main gimmick was Batman. There was a time in which he appeared on TV while worked at Promo Azteca as Mega Elektra along with Elektra, and Super Elektra. When Promo Azteca disappeared, he went back as Batman. He was incredibly agile for a man of his size (6'5"), he was able to perform somersaults, suicide topes above the third rope.

On 2002 Ernesto Ocampo offered dates at Xtreme Latin American Wrestling. (X-LAW). However, the Batman gimmick tarnished his talent. Ocampo gave him a new gimmick. He was repackaged as the giant of the promotion, X-Lord. His billed height was 210 cm (6'10) and looked impressive. He feuded with another wrestler of similar height, Anticristo.

X-Lord's moveset was different from the high-flying style of Batman. X-Lord relied on power moves such as bodyslams, suplexes, punches, and kicks. When he excuted something spectacular the fans got amazed. There was a time he executed a suicide tope over Anticristo and the people gave an standing applause, because they thought that was an impossible feature. His period as X-Lord was short because X-LAW did not present more events after 2003. Other promoters preferred him as Batman and only in Max Proad had some dates as the masked giant. Despite being plagued by diabetes, he continued to fight throughout the last decade headlining many local shows being still able to pull off his high flying moveset. Unfortunately, he died in Autumn 2019 for heart problems triggered by his pre-existing health condition. He was perhaps one of the most important bearers of Batman mask and identity alongside Mr. Niebla that sadly passed away too some months later.