Baja Star's USA Women's Championship

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Current Champion

Christi Jaynes, 3rd Champion

Christi Jaynes is the current champion. She won the championship on July 6, 2019 by defeating Thunder Rosa in San Diego, California, USA.

History of Championship

Championship represents Baja Star's USA out of San Diego, California USA.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
4 Way Woman Elimination Match to define the first champion
1 Sage Sin Amazona, Lady Lee, Mariah Moreno 2016.08.06 Montgomery Waller Park & Rec - San Diego, California, USA
1 Hudson Envy, Thunder Rosa 2017.03.18 Montgomery Waller Park & Rec - San Diego, California, USA
2 Thunder Rosa Sage Sin 2017. 04.22 Imperial, California
3 Christi Jaynes Thunder Rosa 2019. 07.06 San Diego, California
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successful title defense
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Gallery of Champions

Sage Sin, 1st Champion
Thunder Rosa, 2nd Champion