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Name Aztec
Real name
Name history Pequeño Herakles (1993 - 1994), Aztec (1994 - ?)
Maestro(s) Potrillo Salvaje, Luz y Sombra, Mocho Cota
Birth date, location 1978 - Guaymas Sonora, Mexico
Obituary date
Debut, location 1993
Lost mask to
Height 178 cm/5' 10"
Weight 93 kg
Signature moves Tijeras, Plancha
Titles: ? tag team Championship (w/ Contragolpe)


Born in Navojoa, Sonora, but has spent most of his life in Guaymas Mexico. Aztec has been a lucha libre fan ever since he was a little baby, because his dad is a huge wrestling fan too. One of his hobbies is drawing and painting and his first drawing ever was a mask of El Santo, made right after he watched his first Santo movie.

Aztec started his training right after finishing junior high, at age 14. He started to train in Guaymas (Club Herakles) and started to wrestle as an amateur using the name Pequeno Herakles when he was 15. He turned a professional when he was 18 years old and wrestled all over the state.

After having a long break due to a back injury and getting his degree in college, he started to wrestle again under the name Aztec and hasn't stopped working all around the state of Sonora and Arizona. His bigger inspirations are of course El Santo, as well as Canek, Rey Mysterio and Oro (R.I.P).

Aztec beat "La Sombra de Guaymas" in 2009, one of the most known rudos of Sonora, in a mask versus mask match. He also won "La Sombra de Guaymas II" on July 13th 2012, as well as "El Vengador" 's mask on Halloween 2012. Aztec was also one of the Guaymas tag team champions with Contragolpe. In 2012 he defeated "TM Surf " from Los Angeles California in Guaymas Mexico, Aztec became "Mexican American Champion". The same year he Had a championship Match in Empalme Mexico versus "Dan Dravin" from Chandler Az., Aztec became "Pendragon Arizona Heavy weight champion". In December 2014 he defeated "Guerrero Siniestro" and became "Campeon Medio del Pacifico".

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Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??.??.09 mask Aztec La Sombra de Guaymas Navojoa Sonora
13.07.12 mask Aztec La Sombra de Guaymas II Guaymas Sonora
31.10.12 mask Aztec El Vengador Guaymas Sonora


as Pequeño Herakles 1993
Aztec in Navojoa Mex
Middleweight Champion
Pupil vs Teacher Mocho Cota
Tag Team Champion
Masks:Sombra 1,2 & Vengador
Masks:Pendragon Arizona Heavyweight Champ
Aztec Dinasty
Mexican American Champion