Arena Nacionalista 30 Aniversario

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The Arena Nacionalista Anniversary show is the biggest annual professional wrestling event promoted by Empresa Arena Nacionalista, held on the last week of October every year, commemorating the creation of Arena Nacionalista, in 1989 by Manuel Hernandez. Since Hernández built Arena Nacionalista it has been the host of all anniversary events held since then.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Marino & Guerrero Negro Rey Zeus & Dragon Rapper Tag Team Match [1]
2 Rey Tortura, Enemigo Mortal & Veneno Negro Black Demon, Thunder Kid & Fly Boy Trios Match [2]
3 Fray Diablo I & Fray Diablo II Prinxipe & Alas de Oro Jr.
Galaxy & Galáctico
Three way tag team match [3]
4 Princesa Hernández © Aira
Miss Tiger
Arena Nacionalista Reyna de Reynas Championship
Baja California Women's Championship
International Women's Championship
5 Rey Negro Voltron
Caudillo II
Deja Vu
Dago Ortiz
Rey Cobra
Copa Arena Nacionalista 30 Anniversary [5]
6 Mr. Tempest
Príncipe Negro
Estudiante Jr.
D'Luxe mask [6]
  1. Unannounced match, it was Marino's return. Guerrero Negro used a gear to honor his uncle Guerrero Rojo. Guerrero Negro pinned Rey Zeus.
  2. Rey Tortura and Black Demon feud continues. Rey Tortura splashed Black Demon to get the count of three
  3. Fray Diablos got the win. Money was thrown in the ring
  4. Originally a trios match, turned into a six way match. Hernandez was Baja Women's Champion, she won the Nacionalista Reina de Reinas championship and the International Women's Championship which belonged to Aira
  5. Luchadores entered in 30 seconds interval. Rey Negro survived against Voltron to win.
  6. Mr. Tempest unmasked D-Luxe, who is Angel Alejandro García, 30 years, 10 years a wrestler.