Arena Mexico (1933)

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The original Arena Mexico (commonly listed as "Old Arena Mexico" elsewhere) was one of the early homes of EMLL. The first EMLL show was held at the venue on September 21, 1933. That date is marked annually as the birth of the promotion.

This building was opened in March 30, 1930, years before EMLL came about. it was originally a home for boxing events. Box Y Lucha 902 mentions it was less popular than other arenas (Front Hispano Mexicano) and not run regularly due to issues with the roof. The run of boxing shows ended on Septmber 28, 1931. It was reopened in 1933 for a lucha libre tournament for those practicing olympic, greco-roman and judo styles. The building was also used as a training school for Olympic style wrestling. The first show, on January 3, drew well. Salvador Lutteroth was in attendance, again according to Box Y Lucha 902, and contracted to start promoting his own shows on Augsut 20th.

The original Arena Mexico was the biggest arena for EMLL for the promotion's first decade. It continued to regularly host shows after Arena Coliseo opened in 1943, but assumed a secondary role. The final show was held on October 7, 1954; the arena was closed as the current Arena Mexico was erected on the same block. The building still stood at the location for a number of years before being demolished.

The building was also used as the first CMLL school. Gonzalo Avendano was the first teacher.

The space where the original Arena Mexico stood is now a parking garage connected to the current Arena Mexico.

This building was also called Arena Modelo before it became a regular lucha libre center (and still in the early years of the building.)