Anticristo (Veracruz)

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Name Anticristo
Real name Toribio Pascual Pérez Campos
Name history Toro Negro, Anticristo
Family Hijo del Anticristo (son)
Maestro(s) Chucho Monroy, Cayuco Rodríguez
Birth date, location January 24, 1953 - Xalapa, Veracruz
Obituary date July 19, 2020
Debut, location
Lost mask to Never lost the mask
Signature moves
Titles: Veracruz Welterweight Championship


Had a sports background in boxing, then entered in the magic world ofb lucha libre. His first trainers were Cayuco Rodríguez and Chucho Monroy. His traning partners were El Chivo Pérez II and Halcón Marino who changed his name to Halcón del Espacio.

Made his debut as Toro Negro, then changed his name Anticristo as a heavyweight ruthless rudo. His ring name does not come from the famous The Omen film, it comes from an episode of his life. He fell in alcoholism when he was young, but received support from the AA and continued his career. Designed hia new gear in white, red, and black which symbolized the light of hope, hell, and darkness respectively. His mask had wings in allusion to the angels and the number 666, the number of the beast. His mask was half angel and half devil.

At San Bruno Avenue, a wrestling Arena Olimpia was built owned by Don Manuelito Hernández “El Zapatero”, in that El Hijo de El Santo presented there for the inauguration also El Chivo Pérez I, El Duende, Chucho Monroy and Anticristo.

Anticristo in his 20 year career was state welterweight champion and never lost the mask. Pioneer of Club Apolo, main eventer in Arena Olimpia de Don Manuelito “El Zapatero” and El Costalazo where presented his son, El Hijo del Anticristo (formerly Linterna Verde).

Came out the retirement for a dream match. With his son went against Full Contac and Caza Fantasmas, on February 5 in the 32 anniversary show of Club Apolo. Also had a presentation in. Banderilla and Arena Xalapa to face Mr. Peligro (El Tirantes).