Andre the Giant

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Andre The Giant
Andre The Giant
Name Andre The Giant
Real name André René Roussimoff
Nicknames The Eighth Wonder of the World
Name history Jean Ferré, André Roussimoff, Butcher Roussimoff, Monster Roussimoff, Monster Eiffel Tower, Géant Ferré, André the Giant, Giant Machine
Maestro(s) Frank Valois, Édouard Carpentier
Birth date, location May 19, 1946
Obituary date January 27, 1993 from heart failure related to pituitary gigantism
Debut, location January 25, 1966 - Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, France
Lost mask to
Height billed as 7'4" (2.24m), actually 6'10" (2.08m)
Weight anywhere from 380 lb (172 kg) to 540 lb (245 kg), increasing with age
Signature moves Elbow Drop, Double Underhook Suplex, Tombstone Piledriver, Big Boot
Titles: WWF World Heavyweight Championship, WWF World Tag Team Championship (w/ Haku), NWA Florida Tag Team Championship (w/ Dusty Rhodes)
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member

Regular UWA foreigner in the late 70s and early 80s. Memorable slammed by Canek in of their encounters, prior to the famous Hulk Hogan WrestleMania III slam.




in WWF
carrying Kato Kung Lee & Ringo Mendoza at the same time