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{{aline|[[2000|00]]/[[January 30|01/30]]|hair (2)|Abismo Negro|[[The Panther]]|[[Arena Solidaridad]] - [[Monterrey]], [[Nuevo León]]}}
{{aline|[[2000|00]]/[[January 30|01/30]]|hair (2)|Abismo Negro|[[The Panther]]|[[Arena Solidaridad]] - [[Monterrey]], [[Nuevo León]]}}
{{aline|[[2001|01]]/[[September 7|09/07]]|hair (3)|Abismo Negro|[[El Alebrije]]|[[Auditorio de Tijuana]] - [[Tijuana]], [[Baja California]]}}
{{aline|[[2001|01]]/[[September 7|09/07]]|hair (3)|Abismo Negro|[[El Alebrije]]|[[Auditorio de Tijuana]] - [[Tijuana]], [[Baja California]]}}
{{aline|??/??/??|hair|[[Abismo Negro]]|[[La Fiera]]|Fut Rap - Nuevo Laredo}}
{{aline|2007/??/??|hair|[[Abismo Negro]]|[[La Fiera]]|Fut Rap - Nuevo Laredo}}
{{aend|'''(1)''' Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers <b>(2)</b> Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers; <b>(3)</b> Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers}}
{{aend|'''(1)''' Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers <b>(2)</b> Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers; <b>(3)</b> Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers}}

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In 2008, Black Abyss started wrestling on non-TV shows using this name; Also, this is not the Monterrey Area Hardcore Circuit Furor


Abismo Negro (Black Abyss)
Abismo Negro (Black Abyss)
Name Abismo Negro (Black Abyss)
Real name Andrés Alejandro Palomeque González
Nicknames El Rey del Martinete (The King of the Martinete), Fiscal De Hierro La Televisión
Name history Alex Dinamo (1984 - 86?), Pequeño Samurai (86? - ??), Samurai, Furor (CMLL), The Winner/Winner's (92 - 01/97), Abismo Negro (01/97 - death)
Family none
Maestro(s) Diablo Velazco, Ray Mendoza, Delio Soto, El Noruego
Birth date, location July 1, 1971 - Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Obituary date March 22, 2009, El Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico
Debut, location 1984
Lost mask to Super Caló - June 30, 1995 (as Winners)
Height 5'11"/180 cms
Weight 211 lbs/96 kg
Signature moves Martinete, La Magistral, Flying Senton, Frog Splash, Huracarrana, Martinete Especial
Titles: National Middleweight Title, National Tag Team Titles (w/ Electro Shock), AAA Mascot Tag Team Titles (w/ Mini Abismo Negro), NWA/TNA America's X-Cup (2004) (w/ Mr. Águila, Juventud Guerrera, Héctor Garza, Heavy Metal))


Abismo Negro was a mainstay of AAA, usually a rudo in the biggest matches and often part of the some version of the Vipers. Abismo Negro actually started his major promotion career in CMLL as Furor, but jumped to AAA in it's earliest days. Before he was Abismo Negro, he was the first man in AAA to use the name Winners, a female favorite tecnico who lost his mask to Super Calo. The connection between the two characters is not publicly acknowledged, and Abismo Negro has become the much more well known character.

Abismo Negro was known as "El Rey del Martinete" due to his frequent use of banned piledrivers moves. While the martinete is more often broken up than executed, Abismo has taken out opponents with the move many times. Abismo was also frequently seen with an aerosol can and a lighter, allowing him to blow fire during this entrance and for victories.

Abismo Negro has been one of AAA's all purpose rudos, used to make whichever tecnico he works with look a little better. Besides his Vipers membership, Abismo was a major part of LLL during the peak of it's existence. Abismo teamed a lot with his mini, Mini Abismo Negro to feud with other mascot tag teams (most notably Mascara Sagrada AAA & Mascarita Sagrada 2000.) Abismo was far less successful as a tecnico.

As a representative of AAA, Abismo's appeared in TNA (during their "World X Cup" period) and worked for Japanese groups (including NOAH). Abismo Negro often appears on the morning television program Vida TV. He appeared a kind of a judge for talent contests on the show.

Abismo's biggest rival was Latin Lover. The two have not only wrestled against each other often, gotten into fights on non-AAA variety TV shows and teased mask vs hair matches. Latin's appears to be on the outside of AAA at the moment and any final match between the two went stalled. Abismo battled drug problems thru his career, and missed long stretches of recent years while dealing with them.

Abismo Negro spent 2008 and 2009 feuding with the Vipers, after they kicked him out of the group for not being around enough when they needed him. The Vipers, now led by Mr. Niebla, created a new Abismo Negro ([[Black Abyss) to replace him. This feud was set to climax at TripleMania, at first in a Abismo vs Niebla direct mask match, and later a match which would pit Abismo versus all the Vipers, but Abismo again started missing shows and was dropped by the company. AAA tested out using Black Abyss actually as Abismo Negro on some spot shows and, but the idea never made it to TV.

Mr. Niebla jumped back to CMLL, so when Abismo was finally brought back (after at least one false start), the feud changed to a direct rivalry with his replacement Black Abyss. Again, the feud seemed headed to a mask match at TripleMania. On the last show Abismo worked, he lost to Black Abyss by martinete in the Rey de Reyes tournament to add more to the feud.

Abismo Negro died March 22, 2009 near El Rosario, Sinaloa. He apparently drowned in a river.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair (1) Abismo Negro Stuka Jr. unknown
??/??/?? hair Winners El Noruego unknown
95/06/18 mask Winners Marabunta Auditorio Rio Nilo - Tonala, Jalisco
95/06/30 mask Super Caló Winners Centro de Convenciones - Madero, Tamaulipas
00/01/30 hair (2) Abismo Negro The Panther Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo León
01/09/07 hair (3) Abismo Negro El Alebrije Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
2007/??/?? hair Abismo Negro La Fiera Fut Rap - Nuevo Laredo
(1) Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers (2) Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers; (3) Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers


as Winners in 1992
after losing his mask
as Abismo Negro
as Abismo Negro

Abismo on mr. fortis gym.jpg
On vida TV
Martinete To Latin Lover
Martinete Special To El Oriental

With His Fans on AAA Tour
Martinete Special To Black Abyss
Abismo in Cabo San Lucas, January 17, 2009