AAA Young Stars Tag Team Tournament, 1994

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On January 7, 1994 in Morelia, the AAA promotion held a one-night tag team tournament featuring some of their better young wrestlers with the winners being awarded a higher spot on AAA shows. The teams entered were:

Aullido/Vikingo--                   |
Calo/Elvis-------                   |                   |
                 |Marabunta/Reptil--                    |
Marabunta/Reptil-                                       |
                                                        |Rey Misterio Jr.
Matematicos------                                       |Winners
                 |Picudo/Terremoto--                    |
Picudo/Terremoto-                   |                   |
                                    |Rey Jr./Winners---- 
Rey Jr./Winners--                   |
                 |Rey Jr./Winners---

Misterio would get his reward almost immediatly as on the next AAA TV Taping he was in the main event and became a huge star for the promotion. Winners would have to wait almost a year before finally getting his break and becoming a star in his own right.