AAA World Cruiserweight Tournament, 2009

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In March of 2009, AAA announced a tournament for a new Cruiserweight championship. Given the background of those running AAA at the time, the idea is clearly to emulate the WCW Crusierweight championships. This title also seems to be positioned as a secondary singles championship for AAA, the first since many of the non-AAA championships were unified as part of the AAA World Heavyweight Championship.

While La Parka Jr. is listed as the current Mexican National Cruiserweight Champion, that championship has been inactive and unmentioned for many years.

The tournament started with a 13 man domed cage qualifying match on March 20th in Madero. The order of escape was used to determine the seeding for the tournament. The last man last in the cage was eliminated from the tournament.

Order of Escape:

  1. Teddy Hart
  2. Nicho el Millionario
  3. Alan Stone
  4. Crazy Boy
  5. Alex Koslov
  6. Laredo Kid
  7. Super Fly
  8. Juventud Guerrera
  9. Extreme Tiger
  10. Escoria
  11. Joe Lider
  12. Jack Evans

Billy Boy was the last man left in the cage and eliminated from the tournament.

After this match, an altercation between Jack Evans, Juventued Guerrera and perhaps Konnan put Juvy out of action due to injury, and caused him to leave AAA. Rocky Romero, who had been in Japan during the qualifying match, replaced Juvy in the tournament.

Tournament Bracket:

Jack Evans-----------
03/22 Monterrey      |Jack Evans-----------
Teddy Hart-----------                      |
                     05/18 Leon            |Extreme Tiger--------
Extreme Tiger--------                      |                     |
04/10 Neza           |Extreme Tiger--------                      |
Crazy Boy------------                                            |
                                           05/21 Aguascalientes  |
Joe Lider------------                                            |
03/22 Monterrey      |Nicho el Millionario-                      |
Nicho el Millionario-                      |                     |
                     05/18 Leon            |Alex Koslov----------|Alex Koslov
Rocky Romero---------                      |                     |
04/17 Tepic          |Alex Koslov----------                      |
Alex Koslov----------                                            |
Escoria--------------                                            |
04/10 Neza           |Alan Stone-----------                      |
Alan Stone-----------                      |                     |
                     05/18 Leon            |Laredo Kid-----------
Super Fly------------                      |
04/17 Tepic          |Laredo Kid-----------
Laredo Kid-----------

Tournament Notes

  • Jack Evans and Extreme Tiger drew in their semifinal match on April 21 in Cuautitlan. AAA had them replay the match in Leon.
  • The other two semifinal matches were originally scheduled for April 30 in Aguascalientes, but the show was postponed due the flu. The matches were pushed back to Leon, and the makeup Aguascalientes taping was changed to the site of the final.